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  • Xinfosystems partners with Telpay for fully integrated electronic payments and direct deposits with Hosted QuickBooks
    Telpay is the official payroll direct deposit provider for QuickBooks. Developed by accountants for accountants, you can use Telpay for Business to pay your employees, suppliers, government remittances and international payments. Telpay integrates seamlessly with your accounting software making it easy to switch from cheques to electronic payments using one simple system. Click here for more information.

  • New “Price Finder” application for QuickBooks developed by Xinfosystems
    Xinfosystems is the exclusive provider of this new application that integrates with your QB and will save you time and money searching through invoice copies for the price to charge your customer. Click here for more information.

  • What is ‘the cloud’ and why should I run my business from there? Read more…

  • Xinfosystems is the exclusive provider of a new hosted Trust Account Solution for QuickBooks users in Canada. This is a customized solution for lawyers, paralegals, immigration consultants, travel agents, real estate brokers and any others that need to manage trust accounts. Read more…

  • Xinfosystems is appointed Authorized Commercial Host for Canadian QuickBooks®. Xinfosystems is offering Application Hosting for business software applications including QuickBooks®. All versions of Canadian QuickBooks® are available: Pro, Premier and Enterprise…

  • Xinfosystems develops a custom interface between the Royal Bank’s A/P Link and Quickbooks accounting software, producing an efficient and cost effective method of transferring funds across Canada.

  • Xinfosystems develops the Forest Hill Hockey association website and email communication system, linking the website with Bladenet and the Hockey Canada Registry, allowing instant scheduling and standings information as well as online player registration every season.

  • Xinfosystems develops French promotional products website for Chartwell-Quebec

  • Xinfosystems develops web based custom “Available Ice” application for the Goulding Park Hockey association

  • Xinfosystems develops customized email notification system for York Mills Hockey Club conveners and executives.

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