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What is ‘the cloud’ and
      why should I run my business from there?

June 14, 2012

TORONTO – With companies around the world flocking to take their business ‘into the cloud’, many companies are wondering how this move could benefit their business.

“Everyone is talking about “the cloud” but not everyone understands what that means and how it could benefit their day to day operations,” said Martin Adler, President of Xinfosystems Inc., a wholly-owned Canadian Authorized Commercial Host for QuickBooks and many other business applications. “The easiest way to describe it is to imagine moving the server in your office that stores all of your data to a secure, brick and mortar building. Xinfosystems’ cloud servers are located in an earthquake proof building with 24 hour 7 day a week on-site security guards.”

By working in the cloud, you can access all of your files anywhere in the world, while also using any of your programs on any device connected to the internet.

Adler explains that accountants or lawyers for example, can access all of their information and files on their iPad at a client meeting, then work on those files at the hotel or airport, or at home on their personal computer that night and then continue the next day at their office on their work desktop, without missing a beat.

“A cloud based service allows you to do business anywhere in the world with the same tools and information at your fingertips. Many businesses are moving their work over to the cloud because it’s less expensive, more convenient and more secure than in-house servers. In the end, it just makes better business sense,” said Adler.

Adler has outlined four reasons why companies are moving their business to the cloud:

  • Work from anywhere: With a desktop, laptop, iPad, or any other tablet device, users can log-in to the cloud and access all of their work and use the programs that they use every day. This means that they will always be able to check in and have their data available, even if they use different computers or devices.
  • Security: Most cloud services, like Xinfosystems’, are fully encrypted and use a secure tunnel from the user’s access point through to the servers. Not only does this protect data from third parties, but it also protects it from viruses because everything done is stored on the secure servers and doesn’t touch the device used to work on the data.
  • Ease of use & support: Accessing the cloud is incredibly simple for the end user. It’s a one step process that simply involves logging in to the service. Xinfosystems’ also provides 24/7 support with live agents in Canada for any hiccups that users may experience. The service includes scheduled daily data backups, the most neglected area of security in the small to medium business environment.
  • Cost: To run a network of traditional on-site servers for even a small business, the costs can jump into the thousands of dollars. Working from the cloud cuts out server costs and gives a more secure and reliable option for all employees.

“The great thing about moving your business operations to the cloud is how you can create a customized solution for exactly what your company needs. Technology is finally at a point where this opportunity is possible and we see it as the way that most successful businesses will be run in the very near future,” said Adler.

About Xinfosystems

Since the 1980s, the principals of Xinfosystems, Martin Adler and Sam Cordes have been helping small and medium sized businesses with their information systems, accounting software, websites and e-commerce solutions. As an Intuit Certified Commercial Host and Certified ProAdvisor, Xinfosystems’ strength has been the development of custom applications software that integrates into QuickBooks, Canada's most popular accounting software for small and medium businesses. Their clients include wholesale and retail businesses, professional firms, private and public government agencies, sports associations and not-for profit organizations.

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