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      Online Data Backup Service Agreement

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to fill in the company information and submit your acceptance. Print a copy of the agreement for your records. This print link may not work in some browsers, if that is the case you may open (or save) the PDF agreement file directly by clicking here.

Client Name: 
Client Address: 
Contract Effective Date: 
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Xinfosystems Credit Card Authorization Form or Telpay PAD Authorization Form

Please select below your choice of Credit Card or Pre-authorized Debit Form to indicate your preferred method of payment.

Xinfosystems Credit Card Authorization (Click here to open Credit Credit Authorization form)
Telpay Pre-Authorized Debit Authorization (Click here to open Telpay PAD form)

Please print and fax the payment form of your choice as soon as possible. The data backup account setup order cannot be completed until this form is received.

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