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Sam Cordes, MBA

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Sam Cordes is a founding principal of Xinfosystems Inc.

Sam graduated from McGill University in Montreal with a BSc degree and then attended McMaster University, School of Business, in Hamilton, earning an MBA majoring in marketing and MIS, Management Information Systems.

Being a true entrepreneur , Sam started up and ran his own wholesale distribution businesses for over 25 years in the electronics and automotive parts industries. As a business owner, he had years of experience using many accounting software packages designed for small to medium sized businesses including QuickBooks, AccPac, NewViews and DacEasy.

As the President of, Sam spent 3 years designing and building an e-commerce B2B website that was a unique service for the trucking industry in North America before founding Xinfosystems Inc. in 2004.

Sam brings to Xinfosystems his many years of formal training and experience to help small and medium sized business acquire the automated information system that is appropriate for their business needs. He is also responsible for the design and implementation of corporate websites and ecommerce B2B systems.

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