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Data Backup and Recovery Services

  • Protect your vital business information and increasing data volumes.
  • Be prepared for disasters with a recovery plan in place.
    With our Data Backup and Recovery Solution, you’ll be prepared to:

  • Get back up and running quickly
  • Know your data is protected from loss and theft
  • Restore what you need when you need it.

Sign up for our Online Data Backup Service

To sign up for our automated Online Data Backup Service, you need to complete and submit the order form, review and accept our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and then download the data backup advanced client software here.

Note that this is for Windows based computers. If you need the advanced client software for Mac OS X or Linux/Solaris based computers, please indicate this on the order form and we will send you the link.

Online Data Backup (Hosted Off-Site Data Backup)

Current Backup Technology

Current backup technology is based on replicating data to both a local storage device as well as what has been termed "Cloud" based storage. This refers to moving your data backup offsite to a secure hosting environment, through your standard Internet Connection. These new systems are replacing the traditional tape backup solution with great success.

Automated Off-Site Backup

The automated off site backup replaces traditional tape backup type systems. This makes the backups automated and without human intervention for changing tapes or managing the tape cleaning etc... This system is also much safer and more effective to restore from if ever required. Your system is backed up off-site over the Internet to our secure data centre each night. Backup revisions are stored in the system and success reporting is managed by our Network Operations Centre team daily.

Special Applications

With applications like Microsoft SQL and Exchange, there are special requirements for data backup. These special applications are properly backed up and protected within the backup environment.

How it Works

We install a backup agent program on your system and tell the software what data needs to be backed up. The system is completely automatic and does not require your interaction or management. For large amounts of data, we provide an on-site system to collect the data then move this to our central storage data centre and begin the backups from there.


Using your existing Internet connection, our system makes a secure encrypted connection to your private storage location in our hosted system. Both your information storage and the transmission of the data are fully secured.

Nightly Backup

Each night our system automatically starts and securely looks at the data files it is responsible for backing up for any changes or additions. These changes are then backed up to your secure hosted storage. The intelligence of the system allows for only these changes to be backed up, making the daily backups very efficient and fast.

Backup Versions

With the nightly backup, each version of your data files is preserved. The system will make incremental version backups when your documents are amended. As example, if you have a Microsoft Word document that is backed up, changes detected in the next backup create another version of the file. You can restore any of the backed up versions if required.

Backup Files In Use

The Xinfosystems Hosted Offsite Backup will backup files that you have in use as opposed to skipping them and leaving them out of the backup.

Backup Interruption

The system will start and stop without damaging the integrity of the backed up data. If, for some reason the Internet connection to the secure hosted storage is lost or the backup is too large to complete in the time allocated, the system will pick up from where it left off.

Monitored Nightly Backup Reporting

Our system will provide us with reporting on backup success and data volume. Our help desk team will monitor the nightly backups to make sure they are working and data is available in case restoration is required.

Easy Data Restoration

In the case that you need one of your data files or all your information restored to your office, we will take care of the data restoration process for you, either remotely or on-site.

Data Volume

The monthly service cost is based on your existing data volume and expected growth and is not metered for increase monthly. In the event that the total data volume grows by 50% of the original storage size, Xinfosystems has the right to re-assess the monthly cost to cover this increased data volume. Xinfosystems data storage size is monitored every 6 months.

It is natural that the volume of data is going to grow, requiring more storage, impacting the future costs. We have priced your backup solution to withstand the expected growth for the next 6 to 12 months or more, depending on your specific needs.

Xinfosystems monitors the backup volume quarterly to ensure growth is as expected. In the event that the total backup requirement you have is going to exceed the allocated storage, we will inform you of the requirement to allocate additional storage facilities to accommodate your data. The monthly fee for our Hosted Offline Data Backup is $20 for 20GB of data. The cost for additional storage is $20.00/month in 30 gigabyte segments.

Xinfosystems will inform you before any additional storage is required and provide you with our written quotation for your authorization before any increased costs are endured.

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